3 Steps To Choose The Right School Uniform Supplier

How to recognize school uniforms at a glance is the biggest challenge in school uniform design. Ultifresh, a worldwide leading school uniform supplier tailors uniforms to every client in the uniform industry in Singapore and Malaysia. Our team of designers work with you to develop a range of custom uniforms. Our purpose is to infuse your brand and help your business stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Here are 3 important key factors to choose the right uniform supplier

1. Examine The Supplier’s Experience

Before identifying a uniform supplier, you have to ensure that they have a solid reputation in the marketplace and wear the badge of credibility. Meanwhile, you should also consider their experience serving a large number of schools and whether they have a good attitude towards clients. A good wholesale apparel manufacturer helps you to get high quality product at affordable range.

2. Professionally Design With Custom Embroidery

Finding a professional supplier who offer multiple option on uniform customization is quite difficult. As a result, uniform supplier which have a wide range of customization choices is a big advantages. They must develop uniforms according to your requirements, providing you with a complete experience and give a unique identity for your school.

3. Quality & Prices

It is important to have experience in the desired industry and to provide sufficient customization possibilities. Even said, if the school uniform supplier does not provide great service and transparent pricing options, these aspects will be irrelevant. You should verify the price to see if they have added any additional charges that you have not requested. Suppliers who provide long-term clients or bulk orders discounts are always a plus.


The way Ultifresh design uniforms for kids, it always looks and feels comfortable and safe. We help to design a quality fabric specially to create schools uniforms. In addition, the design of the school uniform is the most important part of the school image. Therefore, Ultifresh promises to provide our customers with unique solutions that provide the highest quality fabrics at affordable prices.

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