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Polo T-shirt Men’s Style Guide

With the approaching summer season in Malaysia, polo t-shirt are an absolute must-have in any man’s wardrobe. They’re a fantastic option if you’re looking for something basic, but they can also be done up!

The reality is that polo t-shirt may look great on you if you’re a professional, athlete, trainer or instructor. Polo t-shirt should be in every man’s wardrobe. You just need to be conscious of the intricacies that might assist you in looking beautiful in one.

Some new ways to wear a Polo T-shirt

1) If you are willing to wear anything between smart casual and semi-formal for your workplace parties or informal occasions, you can always opt for a white polo t-shirt paired with a pair of chinos.

2)For a more refined look, try wearing a long-sleeved polo tee, tucked into trousers to reveal the belt, it looks clean and fresh.

3) Polo tees are an instant hit for a laid-back brunch. Choose a brightly color one, such as white, black or sky blue, and pair it with lighter-hued knee-length shorts.

4) Polo t-shirts are a typical example of anything having more than meets the eye. You may opt from three quite different costumes that you can make from a single piece of clothing that are perfect for summer, a round of golf, an outdoor gathering, or a formal

5)Layer a fitted blazer over your polo tee. Matching your jacket and polo tee is the key to wearing this appealing design.

6)A black round neck custom polo t-shirt with beige trousers is a good option. The conflicting colors will complement each other nicely. Whether you tuck it in or leave it out makes no difference. The end product will be breathtaking.

7) If your regular Friday outfit consists of a chequered shirt and a pair of trousers, give your look a boost with a polo t-shirt. Your outfit will be both comfy and appropriate for the office, whether coupled with chinos or formal pants and a jacket.

Keep an eye on this too

1) Leave baggy polo t-shirts at home when conducting domestic chores. Choose a well-cut polo t-shirt that flatters your body for all other occasions.

2)Floral, geometric designs, and color blocks are great ways to jazz up your polo tee combo, so try them out the next time you’re out shopping

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