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The Must Know Fundamentals For T-Shirt Design

We want you to know design a shirt is not complex, even if you are new to fashion design. It fact, it would be fun to showcase your creativity and see it brought to life on a shirt! Start to brainstorm your ideas to make them a reality.
Custom apparels serve different purposes for different organizations. It may be branding or to convey corporate identity and culture through a custom uniform. With a creative t-shirt design, it can gain organizations brand exposure. The name or brand of the organization can be made familiar and advertised whenever employees move around wearing their unique work apparel. It can be said one of the most cost-effective ways for organizations to advertise. 

To customise , you decide everything. This enables great flexibility to customize based on current fashion trends and support sustainable fashion. Ultifresh can optimize your customization experience, which has specialised certified fabric technology that kills 99.94% of bacteria. Integrating technology into high-quality fabric, consumers can enjoy anti-bacterial and anti-odor features without affecting the outlook and hand feel of the apparel.

Now you may wonder how Ultifresh designers do these t-shirt design projects. Let’s take a look at some tips:

1. Determine The Print Placement

Print placement is often confused with location. It’s actually is the precise measurement to print the design. This is key, as wrong placement could potentially change the entire predetermined t-shirt design.

2. Choose the Right Typography and Font

Typography is the art of formatting or combining fonts in a sensible way. You need to ensure the text spacing and graphic elements are in good coordination.

3. Select A Color Scheme

Color is important as it can have a variety of effects on people. It critically determines appropriate color contrast between the printing and fonts. This is something that advertisers are fully aware of, and you should be as well.

4. Consider the Borders, Masks and Edges

You might have selected proper photos or created some graphics for your t-shirt design. Having said that, only a graphic sitting on a plain-edged shirt can appear bland or perhaps cheap. This is where you have to play around with different kinds of edge styles. Unleash your imagination and creativity, there are many possibilities where you could come up with a great design.

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