Ultifresh Face Mask Donations To Vaccination Center

Ultifresh Face Mask Donations To Vaccination Center

Since last year, our government has been working hard on the Covid-19 vaccination to curb the spread of the virus. They have set up many vaccination centres across the country with many volunteers joining in to help during this period. Contributing to this effort is our motivation behind the donation. We have donated our 3 layers reusable masks to the volunteers on duty at the Aeon Big Vaccination Centre.

We aim to equip these courageous front-liners with the best protection and comfort, allowing them to perform well for the vaccination activities provided to the public.

Our reusable mask comprises of 3 layers. The first being the anti-bacterial fabric outermost layer. The second layer is our BFE 99% filter sheet and the third which is the innermost layer is made of 100% soft style cotton. The virus filter sheet can filter out the finest air particles and germs, limiting the virus outreach to you.

In addition to its protection ability, Ultifresh reusable mask’s comfort and design have received compliments and recognition nationally.

With the current COVID-19 situation intensifying, we hope everyone can stay safe and healthy by following the SOP strictly and being responsible for epidemic prevention. Last but not least, we sincerely thank these front liners for their hard work and contributions during this pandemic.

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