150 Customized Reusable Mask Orders

Ultifresh Hit 150 Custom Reusable Mask Projects In 4 months!

Ultifresh are honored and delighted to be trusted by more than 150 brands for producing their companies’ customized reusable masks. 

We allow them to customize the print, colour, shape, label, embroidery of the face mask.

Printing Option

According to the project discussion, we will suggest the most suitable printing option for our client’s face mask design. 

  • Embroidery

It is the art of decorating a fabric mask using a needle to apply thread. 

  • Heat Transfer Print

It is a process whereby a logo or design is printed onto a transfer paper and then ink is thermally transferred from the paper to a fabric mask using heat and pressure. 

  • Silkscreen Print

It is a printing technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a cloth face mask, excepts in areas whereby the ink is blocked by a stencil. 

  • Sublimation

It is the process of transferring dye to a fabric using heat. The image will be printed on a special paper, and the ink is heated until it bonds to the fabric fibres at a sub-surface level & becomes the part of fabric. It is good for vibrant, full colour, and all-over prints and the graphics do not peel. 

Types of Customization 

Since customization service is one of Ultifresh specialization, we are not only providing various solutions for apparel customization but also offering the custom options for our client to create their unique Ultifresh Reusable Mask

  • Change of label

 The reusable mask label is available to change for presenting your brand.  

  • Change of string colour 

      If you are not satisfied with the original string colour of our reusable mask, we can assist you to change it to the colour you prefer, to fit your corporate branding.

  • Packaging option

Want to make the packaging more impressive and consists of more brand features? This will not be a problem; we can help you to do it!

Since launching our Reusable Mask into the market 4 months ago, we have received countless positive responses from users all over the world. See what some of our customers have said!

Thank you for choosing Ultifresh Reusable Masks. It’s our priority to constantly provide quality masks and excellent service to all our valued clients.

If any customization inquiry, welcome to email us [email protected] for your project discussion. 

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