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Research has shown that your apparels are not exactly clean and fresh after a laundry wash due to the existence of laundry bacteria. Apparels with these bacteria will contaminate 90% of the other garments in the laundry cycle. 


Ultifresh™ Technology

Ultifresh™ is a fabric technology certified by Intertek and SGS, which can eliminate 99.94% odor-causing bacterial minutes upon contact, for you to wear the Ultifresh™ apparel for longer duration before washing, and can even be air dry for repeated usages.

All Ultifresh™ apparels are designed with copper’s antimicrobial properties, allowing it to self-sterilize. It can prevent bacteria growth, making it a safer apparel for everyone. You can even wear the Ultifresh™ apparel for a few days without changing, and there won’t be any unpleasant smell.

Ultifresh™ utilises on its expertise, experience & Ultifresh™ Technology to innovate a highly protective 3-Layers Reusable Mask, which is certified by SGS and Intertek. After 50 washes, they are still able to maintain 99.94% Anti-Bacterial Protection and the function of filtering out tiny particles is absolutely reassuring. The bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) has been proven to be up to 99% effective.


Reusable Mask

Reusable Mask Customization

Trusted by more than 100 brands, Ultifresh™ allows you to customize the print, colour, shape, label, embroidery of the mask. See some of our past projects: 

Why Choose Ultifresh™ Reusable Mask?

Ultifresh Reusable Mask

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