Thank You Sin Chew Johor For Featuring Our REUSABLE MASK!

Ultifresh™ Reusable Mask (99% Maximum Protection)

MALAYSIA, 31 May 2020 – Ultifreshstarts out with the anti-bacterial and anti-odor fabric, and launch innovative products during the current outbreak with the epidemic. Ultifresh™ introduces a beautiful and highly protective 3-Layers Reusable Mask, which is suitable for fashionable men and women, and can save up to RM18,000 for those 100 employees-based companies.

During the Sin Chew interview, Frank Yap and Gerald Eng, Managing Directors of Ultifresh™ has indicated that the company was established in 2018, mainly based on wholesale and customized apparels with antibacterial and anti-odor fabric, advocating environmental protection, reducing the number of washings, extending the life of clothing, etc. Ultifresh™ has gained industry appreciation and been the uniform partner of many schools and companies.

However, during the anti-epidemic period, in the face of the market downturn, Ultifresh™ does not give up, turning the crisis into a turning point, launching new products, and obtaining high market attention.

Gerald Eng said that with the outbreak of the epidemic, the company relies on its own expertise, with high-quality fabrics and technology, set up a “dust-free workshop” to sew a highly protective 3- layers cloth mask, and each mask was individually packed. Its bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) has been proven to be up to 99% effective protection.

He revealed that the masks have also undergone a number of rigorous checks and tests to prove that they are free of toxins and highly effective protection. After repeated washing 50 times, they can still maintain 99% protection efficiency, and the function of blocking viruses is absolutely reassuring.

“This mask has wholesale and retail distribution. It has been on the market for about 2 weeks, and we have received a good market response. We have no minimum consumption and can order even 1 mask.”

Frank Yap added that this mask has a novel design. And, it has the specially designed adjustable ear straps, which can fit users of any face size and enhance the protection effect.

He said that the mask is divided into three layers, which are 99.94% European certified antibacterial fabric on the first layer, BFE99 melt-blown cloth (replaceable) on the second layer and 100% natural soft-style cotton fabric on the third layer. It is easy to dry after washing, for you to save the cost of spare masks.

“We have calculated that if a company needs to prepare 2 ordinary masks for each employee per day, based on a 100-person company, the company can save up to RM 18,000 by buying our reusable masks.”

Ultifresh™ 3-Layers Reusable Masks are available in kids and adult designs and a variety of colours for you to choose. For more details or order, please contact: 016-209 9088 (Chinese and English), 010-768 5177 (Malay) Or 010-763 2988 (office). Meanwhile, you can also browse the company’s website:

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