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3 Major Considerations When Choosing The Best Customised Men’s T-Shirt Manufacturer For Your Business

Whether it’s for the upcoming festive seasons of Christmas or New Year, or you just want to create customised men’s t-shirts for your business, events, or promotions; it is imperative to find the best T-shirt manufacturer that does an excellent job and delivers the goods.

You want your customised tees to come out the way you pictured or designed them. Currently, there are t-shirt producing companies that mostly produce apparel sourced from other vendors. However, few men’s t-shirt designers and apparel manufacturers produce highly creative and awesome t-shirts at a wholesale price. Ultifresh apparel is one such trusted manufacturer, serving Malaysia & Singapore and has a wide range of wholesale t-shirts manufactured directly at our factory.

How do you identify the best deal? The following should help.

Experience and Knowledge 

T-Shirt Printing (love pic)

The first thing you want to know is if the company can cater to your demands. As we know, all the top and leading customised men’s t-shirt manufacturers have an excellent reputation for:

  • Serving their customers properly.
  • Making sure their customers are always satisfied with fabric, designs, and price.

Apart from reputation, you also need to ensure that they have the required experience in apparel manufacturing. This can be the difference between normal and great t-shirt shop wholesalers.

Ability to Come Up with Stylish Designs

Different designs of clothes hanging on the hangers

Sometimes, you don’t need to go to the manufacturer with your designs. You can entrust them to brainstorm and create excellent designs. From there, you can choose those you find appealing. Ultifresh apparel has a creative design team whose job is to create impressive custom designs.

Cheaper Wholesale Prices

As with all other commodities, the cost of buying custom t-shirts in bulk is considerably less than buying them in single units. Instead of buying at standard retail prices, Ultifresh offers:

  • Customized designs with bulk at a substantial discount.
  • Save some money in the process.
  • Special offers for the schools, charity trusts & social groups

So, if you are looking for an excellent custom t-shirt designer, factory and manufacturer to order in bulk from, contact us at We design, manufacture and deliver bulk custom shirts to clients all over Singapore & Malaysia.

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