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A Reusable Face Mask For Everyone By Ultifresh

Face mask are quite an important item to have today. Due to the current new virus strain outbreak we were compelled to create a quality reusable face mask that can be used again and again for those looking for a little extra protection.

Why ultifresh reusable mask is the solution, is the mask for everyone

Many hospitals are already facing a shortage of these tight-fitting masks that filter out about 95% of small airborne particles after coming new COVID strain. This has forced everyone to either reuse masks or switch to standard face masks, which do not block airborne particles as effectively.

Our reusable mask is unbleached, undyed and chemical free, so even the most sensitive skin type has a reusable mask option.

Common Questions You May Have When Buying Reusable Mask

Most people are confused when buying a sustainable reusable face mask.

  • Worrying that cannot properly cover and fit my face
  • Adjustable ear straps
  • Fabric & Clinical Grade
  • Skin Protection
  • Effective Cost

Ultifresh guilde you to choose right facemask for you and you’re your love one.


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