The Most Professional Custom T-Shirt Manufacturer In Asia

Have you ever wondered most of the corporate print their custom uniform in Malaysia? It’s hard to find professional t shirt manufacturer who can help them to find a unique design with good quality of fabric specially in bulk orders.

Ultifresh Activewear has an extensive experience in t-shirt manufacturing and offers our customers a one-stop shop in Malaysia. To meet the production requirements of various T-shirt orders, we have a large team of professional designers, experienced garment production workers, and cutting-edge garment printing equipment. We handle all aspects of custom t-shirt design, sample creation, fabric sourcing, label creation, mass production, and products packaging that help our customer to save time and money by creating a comprehensive sales plan for them.

Why should you choose Ultifresh Activewear as your custom t-shirt manufacturer?

There are many custom t-shirt manufacturers around the Kuala Lumpur city, and the quality of the T-shirts produced varies, so selecting a professional t shirts manufacturer in Malaysia with high-quality fabric and design is difficult.

Ultifresh Technology

Ultifresh is a certified fabric technology that permanently kills 99.94 percent of bacteria. The anti-bacterial and anti-odor feature can be incorporated into any fabric without affecting the appearance or hand feel of the garment.

Personalized T-Shirt Printing

You can design or supply any pattern and logo, and we have a variety of processes to print your pattern on the T-shirt, and the pattern is bright colour, high colour fastness, and will not fade after many washings.

T-Shirt In Bulk

Because we are factory direct, our prices will be much lower than T-shirt wholesale stores, and our quality is guaranteed. If you are interested in our wholesale T-shirts, please review our catalogue, and we may also provide you with free samples!

Personalized T-Shirt Styles And Sizes

Customers can choose from a variety of t-shirt styles, including plaint, plus size, long sleeve, V-neck, polo, as well as customizing any style of clothing designed by our customers.

Products Of High Quality

Professionalism is essential in any field or business because it provides people with peace of mind. Ultifresh Activewear, as a technology organisation, always provides high-quality services when it comes to t shirt manufacturer Malaysia because it is always put first. It is effective in increasing the number of business t-shirts. Businesses should always have high-quality printing to increase their value, as this is always preferred.

At Ultifresh we offer high-quality clothing at wholesale prices, including custom t shirts, hoodies, jackets, as well as corporate wear and accessories. You will be able to update your corporate uniform more frequently for promotional or seasonal reasons when you work with us.

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