World Vision Malaysia Kids Masks Donation

Ultifresh Supports Sabah Tulid And Tatalaan Communities With Face Masks Donations During Covid-19

In August 2021, Ultifresh has joined World Vision Malaysia Community Development Programmes (CDPs) and donated 1,000 Kids Reusable Masks and 2,000 Kids Filter Packs to the communities of Mukim Tulid and Tatalaan, Sabah.

World Vision Malaysia Team has been in partnership with the local government and communities for close to 8 years now. They strive to support children and child-related development work in Keningau and Nabawan district in Sabah. They empower community leaders, parents and children to make decisions that will give children better well-being.

During the pandemic, they also bring in food supplies and hygiene kits to the most vulnerable children and families in the local communities. We are glad to be able to make such a contribution to them.

In Sabah, World Vision Malaysia team is rushing to deliver food aid and hygiene kits to 1,104 vulnerable families in Mukim Tulid and Mukim Tatalaan. (Source: World Vision Malaysia Facebook Page)

The challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic require the support of both public and private sectors. If you would like to help to provide for the needs of the Tulid and Tatalaan communities in these rural areas, you can click and learn more from this link:

Ultifresh will continue to serve those in need with our reusable masks that are designed to protect people’s safety.

Let’s get through this tough time together! 💪🧡

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