What to Wear When Going Back to Work?

The Post-COVID Dress Code: What To Wear When Going Back To Work?

Recently, many businesses and industries have resumed their operations as most people have been vaccinated. Moving into the endemic phase, we are personally responsible for adapting to a new normal; and it is about time for everyone to get your suits, shirts, and ties for men and fitted dresses or trouser suits with heels for women. The loungewear we have grown accustomed to whilst working from home needs to take a back-seat!

COVID has altered our way of life and has made a significant impact on our dressing habits. Now that we have fully-embraced casual wear, employees tend to prefer wearing easy and trendy clothes to the workplace rather than the traditional business attire. It’s high time companies adapt this for the corporate wear trend as well…

1. Understand the Current Corporate Wear Trend

Before selecting or designing company uniforms, the current corporate apparel trends should be considered. First and foremost, consult your staff about what kind of clothes are appropriate for their lifestyle and workplace. Rather than forcing your employees to wear conservatively branded clothing, provide them with apparels that they think are cool, comfortable and would even consider to wear outside the workplace. Dressing sharp helps with employees’ confidence. Confidence is key to improving your employees’ performance. 

Post-covid office wear for woman

2. Choose the Right Fabric Material

Let us not forget to mention uniform material choices! Some materials such as those with Teflon coating are not suitable for use as office uniforms. It can limit movement, cause overheating and be difficult to clean. Some wear and tear faster than other fabrics. Frequent use of corporate wear may also cause odor-causing bacterial growth. Therefore, choosing the quality and right uniform material for employees is something that cannot be ignored. For instance, operators or employees who are working in the production department would be more comfortable wearing uniforms made with breathable polyester fabric. 

Ultifresh offers Anti-bacterial & Anti-odor clothing which has certified fabric technology that kills 99.94% bacteria. Ultifresh fabric solution can kill bacteria within minutes upon contact. However, some employees are required to wear formal attire as they need to present a professional image. It’s all based on their roles and tasks in the organization. Ultifresh also provides premium quality corporate wear. Grab your choice of office wear at  https://www.ultifresh.net/product-category/clothes/corporate-shirts/.

3. Choose Suitable Attire Based on the Customers

The correct attire plays a huge role in what tone you want to communicate to your customers or clientele. Yes, your employees’ clothing speaks volumes. For instance, your employees should be not required to suit up in formal attire if your customers or clients characteristically dress in casual attire. In some cases, your employees’ attire might feel extravagant. A good analysis of the customer’s profile would be able to provide a precise solution for this issue. 

It’s time to embrace comfort, efficiency and style with a “smart casual” appearance. Let’s put away the boring and stuffy corporate wear! In this contemporary world, fashion industries are evolving with technology, which is growing faster than ever. We should run (not walk) alongside in order not to be left behind. However, professionalism should always be a key consideration as it is essential for efficient business performance.

Wish everyone stay safe from covid-19

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