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Why Buying Custom T-Shirts In Bulk Is Better?

Building a successful brand isn’t easy. There are a lot of things to consider. You need to think about creating a sustainable retail strategy and sourcing products that customers will love. For many businesses in Singapore and Malaysia, buying t-shirts in bulk often involves giving away gifts to their employees, which helps to create more bonding amongst the employees. 

Whether you are buying bulk order stocks for the Christmas period sales opportunities or for the long-term into the end of winter. Here are four reasons why we believe you’ll be doing the right thing by bulk buying T-shirts to stock your business. We sourced great deals on wholesale T-shirts from the big names in the fashion industry, and passed on the savings to our customers.

If you’re running a company that prints T-shirts, whether it’s to order or to build up a stock, we’re your one stop for branded. High quality tees that you’ll be proud to put your designs on.

Buying Bulk Order (It’s Cheaper)
Ultifresh offer some of the best rates across Malaysia when it comes to bulk production of personalized t shirts in KL. Being a top apparel wholesaler in plain t shirt means we have access of a huge range of stocked t shirt in all sizes and colors ready to be customer printed on a short notice. Bulk buying is a lot cheaper and more cost-effective, compared to buying t-shirts individually.

Print Multiple Styles with Different Colours
While ordering bulk t-shirts from wholesalers, Ultifresh apparel can come to an arrangement to provide customized options for you to vie. Whether you’re ordering plain t-shirts or polo t-shirts to see what suits your business requirement best.

Consistency & Quality
Whether you need custom printing for your T-shirts or not, Ultifresh helps to maintain consistency on the apparel you stock. Customers need not worry about discrepancies in the quality of the items purchased, because the entire order is identically produced and delivered at once. Bulk buying custom t-shirts from a single source ensures consistent quality of merchandise at a steady cost.

Profitable & Time Saving
Clothing business owners can resell their merchandise at a lower price since they have purchased their product at a cheaper cost. Customers are attracted to cheaper prices, so this will mean more sales for the owner. Buying t-shirts in bulk saves you more time. Rather than repetitively giving the details of each shirt individually and ordering them separately, buying in bulk allows you to place a single order with all the chosen details.


Whether you’re running a business and want a casual uniform, or are printing your own T-shirts to sell; Ultifresh apparel is a top clothing  supplier in Malaysia & Singapore. You’ll love our swift delivery options, choice of brands, colours and sizes, and the fact that a bulk order of the same type of tee can include a mixture of sizes to meet your specifications.

Are you ready to start shopping? Browse through our many categories and filters till you find the perfect tee shirts to meet your needs. 

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