Ultifresh Reusable Face Masks are selling at the pharmacies

Find your nearest pharmacy branch to grab your Ultifresh™ Reusable Face Mask!

Thank you for your love and support towards our Reusable Mask. Our 99.94% Anti-Bacterial Reusable Masks currently are available at Singapore Guardian, Mothercare, Pacific Bookstore, and over 25 chains of pharmacies in Malaysia.

Designed According to the World Health Organization (WHO) Recommended Fabrics

Certified by SGS and Intertek, Ultifresh™ is known as a leading brand of providing anti-bacterial and anti-odor solutions to the market. During the Covid-19 epidemic, Ultifresh™ Reusable Mask was created, which is designed and manufactured according to the World Health Organization (WHO) mask guidelines. It consists of 3 superior layers and provides 99% bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE). As a trustworthy face mask supplier, Ultifresh™ Face Mask Products are produced in an airtight and dust-free environment.

Featured on the Media Press

The superiority in design and practicality makes the Ultifresh™ Reusable Mask stand out from the rest, and be featured on Sinchew, The Star, Harian Metro, etc.

It is Washable and Reusable. For the middle layer filter sheet, you are able to exchange a new one after using it every day. In addition to the reusable mask, you can also purchase the filter sheet packs at the pharmacies/ stores we distributed.

Diversified Product Selection

There are various mask designs for adults and kids. So far, we have released 25 reusable mask designs for our users to choose from, including the design for Malaysia Day.

We will constantly provide quality masks to all our valued clients. Since the Ultifresh™ Reusable Mask being launched into the market, we have received more than 1000+ positive reviews.  

Check more details about us at https://www.ultifresh.net/

If any business inquiry, contact [email protected]

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